Corporate Events

The city is a fast-paced, kill-or-be-killed environment, which is why corporate team building in Johannesburg has become vital for every business. The extremely competitive nature in almost all markets means that employees are under constant pressure, and if they don't have an outlet, or a way to get closer to fellow workers, team morale and productivity will inevitably become deflated. Not only this, but management will also not get to know the true nature and competitiveness of each employee.

Balloon flights are an ideal form of teambuilding and a great adventure to share. As a sport, hot air ballooning is an intriguing combination of personal challenge, adventure, romance, the unknown, colour and fun. There is something about experiencing mankind's oldest form of aviation, suspended beneath a colourful canopy of hot air, which allows participants to feel something truly amazing. It is bound to be a hit with any group.

Not only is this a superb activity for you to enjoy with staff, but it's also an ideal way to entertain your clients. Sweating on a golf course and losing by default may work for some, but why not stand out a little? Alternatively, why not offer a trip as an incentive to reward someone for their outstanding work - while sparking some competition at the same time.

Book your spot on a Sun Fun Africa Safari flight and experience the very best service that the South African ballooning industry has to offer. We are more than willing to accommodate special requests when it comes to corporate team building in Gauteng, such as decorating the launch site with your corporate colours, branding, etc. Simply contact us to discuss your requests and we will do our utmost to comply.

Prices will vary for each group, depending on any special requests. Under normal circumstances the prices are as follows:

Group flight                  R 2 800 per person
Exclusive flight for two R 9 800 per couple
Children (7-11yrs)        R 1 600 per person

Shake up those traditional, boring teambuilding lunches by doing something out of the ordinary. Our balloon trips have been tailored to suit even the most discerning participants. Contact us now for more information on corporate team building in Johannesburg at Sun Fun - and prepare to see your company fly!